Gem Morgan Silver

1883 P Morgan Silver Dollar GEM BU Bright White

1883 P Morgan Silver Dollar GEM BU Bright White
1883 P Morgan Silver Dollar GEM BU Bright White

1883 P Morgan Silver Dollar GEM BU Bright White    1883 P Morgan Silver Dollar GEM BU Bright White

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1883 P Morgan Silver Dollar GEM BU Bright White. The pictures in this listing could be stock photos. The pictures are merely a representation of the product you will receive. The Morgan Silver Dollar is a prized possession for collectors, cherished for its historical significance. These coins, made from 90% silver, have garnered widespread acclaim in the numismatic industry. However, the passage of time, with some coins dating back 144 years, has made finding well-preserved Morgan Silver Dollars a daunting task. Owning a Morgan Silver Dollar allows you to grasp the essence of history.

Seize this opportunity to add this invaluable coin to your collection and make it truly exceptional! Morgan Silver Dollars contain 0.77344 troy ounce of silver. The composition of all Morgan Silver Dollars are 0.900 silver, 0.100 copper. The diameter of all Morgan Silver Dollars are 38.1 mm (1.5 in).

The mass of all Morgan Silver Dollars are 26.73 g. With an obverse profile portrait representing Liberty, modeled by Anna Willness Williams, and a reverse that depicts an eagle with wings outstretched, both designed by George T.

Morganlar is an exquisitely designed coin that is popular amongst collectors due to its pure beauty and historical notions. Perfect for any collection, add this Morgan Silver Dollar to your cart today!

Morgan Silver Dollar - Background & Design. Discover the allure of the Morgan Silver Dollar, a numismatic treasure that transcends time.

Minted from 1878 to 1904 and again in 1921, this iconic silver coin embodies exquisite artistry and holds a special place in American coinage. Morgan, the obverse features Lady Liberty crowned with stars, while the reverse showcases a majestic bald eagle, symbolizing strength and peace.

Beyond its precious metal value, the Morgan Silver Dollar represents America's economic prosperity and cultural legacy. Embrace the allure of this legendary coin, a tangible connection to history and a testament to artistic excellence.

Let the Morgan Silver Dollar enrich your collection and celebrate the timeless beauty of numismatics. Morgan Silver Dollar Grading Scale & Guidelines. According to the understanding of condition notes and guidelines, a Morgan Silver Dollar graded as "Brilliant Uncirculated" displays extremely minor traces of wear or abrasions visible only on the highest points of the coin.

The surface should be well preserved, and the presence of mint luster is expected, while significant nicks and bag marks should be minimal. On the obverse side, there may be exceptionally slight wear observed solely on the highest points, including the forehead, eye, ear, cheek, and curls near the neck. Regarding the reverse side, details in the feathers on the breast are easily noticeable.

The eagle's head, tops of legs, and talons may exhibit minimal wear. All the finer details on the wreath are readily apparent. The item was packaged extremely well and I got faster than expected! I received a coin that was better than expected as well as a gift! Store Design & Structure By M.

1883 P Morgan Silver Dollar GEM BU Bright White    1883 P Morgan Silver Dollar GEM BU Bright White